What a Rush! Thats all I can say about getting on a 2000 pound animal that hates your guts and trying to hang on for 8 seconds. There is a Rodeo that Alpha Psi Fraternity puts on every year in Auburn, AL. This isn’t your typical Rodeo, it is basically just a bunch of amateurs taking on rodeo events while a huge crowd kicks back on gooseneck trailers while enjoying a few of their favorite frosty beverages.

Riding a bull has always been on my “bucket list” you know, the things you want to do before you die. After watching the rodeo the previous year I knew I had to give it a shot. So I called up a friend of mine that rode in high school and got some pointers and some equipment. I figured that since I have been riding horses all my life that this should be easy. Oh was I wrong. After getting the mechanics of it all down and watching a few youtube videos, I was ready take on the challenge.

I barely slept the night before the rodeo. I woke up anxious and ready to go at 7am the day of the rodeo. I put on my gear, climbed in the Tacoma and headed down the road. We pulled through the rusty red gates that led us back to an old gooseneck trailer lined arena half full of college students.

We walked up to the arena as the owners started calling names. Of course my name was first on the list. “Matt Myrick” shouted the rough cut old man. I raised my already shaking hand “Yep that’s me” I yelled laughingly. The man asked me “Is this your first ride son?” I replied “Yep” With a big grin the old man yelled “Alright You will be on Sport”. Sport? I was thinking alright that doesn’t sound to bad. I walked up to the chute after some stretching and a few last minute pointers from my Coach Matt Cain. Wow it was a mean looking bull. Sport? maybe the name Killer or Cyclone would have been more fitting. Against my better judgment I climbed down on the Bull and got into position. Meanwhile my friends are all over on the side of the fence watching. The rodeo clown comes over to them and tells them “This is a pretty bad bull so If I come running towards the fence yall just get outa my way”. I’m sure glad I didn’t hear this until later. Bye this time the bull had already tried to pin my legs against both sides of the chute and buck me off a few times. My heart was pounding ninety to nothing. My coach was in my ear the whole time encouraging me to just nod my head when I was ready. After what seemed like days I finally raised my hand and nodded my head. The gate flung open and off I was. Holding on for dear life, high on adrenaline but still trying to remember the mechanics. After about 4 seconds Sport took a nice sideways jump throwing me off his left side. I hit the ground running with the bull right on my tail. The rodeo clown caught his attention just before the bull had a chance to throw me over the fence. I climbed up the fence and gave a good holler to the crowd. The adrenaline was still flowing. For all of you who think Skydiving is a huge rush, I think bull riding trumps it by far. A Texan said it best when he told me, “there ain’t a drug made that’s a bigger rush than strapping your hand onto the back of a pissed off bull.” I had just taken part in one of the most dangerous sports known to man. Best of all, we got it all on film. Look for us this year at the 2010 Alpha Psi Rodeo and check back for videos from the event.

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Alpha Psi Rodeo – Auburn, Alabama

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