World’s First Mega Truck Backflip

The First Ever Mega Truck Backflip

While Monster trucks have been back-flipping for a while. No one has been willing to put their home built Mega Truck on the line to attempt one until now. With his Going Deep truck already mangled from a previous Mega Truck Backflip attempt he had nothing to lose. Cory Rummell showed up to the Trucks Gone Wild Event at Michigan Mud Jam on a mission to land this sought after title. He pulled up to the ramp to feel it out as the crowd grew quiet in anticipation. He backed up put it in gear and nailed the gas hitting the ramp perfectly and making the full rotation before the truck came back down to the Earth. The crowd went nuts as he climbed out and pounded his fist on the hood so pumped to have accomplished his goal. Cory Rummell had pulled off the first ever Mega Truck Backflip. The best part was that his truck was no worse for the wear. Well all except his rear axle housing and wheel that had been bent pretty badly upon impact. That was a small price to pay to be a part of Mega Truck History!

Check out the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel for more Mega Truck Mayhem.

This was the first ever Rock Bouncer Backflip

Rock Bouncer Backflip

Rock Bouncer Backflip


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