Southern Overland Adventure Begins EP1

Southern Overland Adventure Begins

This time were are taking our mildy built jeeps out for some Adventuring. This kind of Overlanding is more about the Journey and less about the Destination. We call it the RCV Southern Overland Adventure for that very reason. I was so excited about this concept that I actually built a Jeep JKU in 6 days to go on this trip. It was a brutal marathon build that lead to very little sleep. The good news is we made it! On this episode we start out in Southern Tennessee and head up to the Franklin Forest. Here we have some issues that send us scrambling but we overcome them as we continue our journey.

Then we end up taking some back roads on our way to Windrock Park in Oliver Springs Tennessee. Here is where the real fun begins as we do some Hardcore Wheeling on one of their sketchiest trails on the property aka Walden’s Ridge. It is better known as the Cumberland Trail, well it used to be. This is actually the only hiking trail to ever be converted to a off road trail. The folks at Windrock Park are pretty proud of that for good reason. So come along for the ride and learn about some great Tennessee History in the Process.

I Love Adventuring!

I had no idea what this whole Jeep thing was all about but after this trip I can truly say that I am hooked. Being able to wheel all day then air up the tires and drive down the highway is a whole new ball game. We really enjoyed this trip so let us know in the comments if you enjoyed episode 1 and we have 2 more episodes coming soon!

Big Thanks to the sponsors of this trip RCVperformance & GCI Digital

Check out our 6 Day Jeep Build by clicking the image below.

check out our jeep build

Check out our 6 Day Jeep Build.

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