Hawk Pride Hill Climb Mavericks

A few weekends a year you can find some of the sickest rock racing buggies on the planet at this small park in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad Park is a well known park and hosts some insane hill climbing events. We made the trip up to Tuscumbia to see the first race of the year. Some big name drivers made the trip and were preparing their vehicles for battle. First up was Jordan Tanner in his ColeworX Screaming 2 Buggy. I watched as he pulled up to the line and waited for the green light at the bottom of the Drag Tree. It scrolled down from Yellow to Green and he was off. You could hear the sound of 600 plus horsepower bouncing off the rock walls of the hill climb. He shot up the hill and sailed over the jump at the top of the course and through the timing lights with an 8.1 second run. Randall Key recently bought Tim Cameron’s old Green Goblin Buggy and was ready to let it eat. When the light went green he hammered down trying to make it up the near vertical rock face on the left side of the course. All the weight of the buggy landed on the right rear tire and snapped the axle shaft. Next up was Ethan Tanner. He had borrowed Screaming Blue from his dad Bobby for the day. He tackled the course with the throttle wide open. He couldn’t make the turn and slammed into the cliff on the left side of the course. He was a little shooken up but ok. Screaming Blue was another story. The tire was cut, Rim Bent, Frame broken, and the Dana 60 king pin destroyed. The rig had to be extracted with a Trackhoe and placed on the trailer. Once the course was cleared the John Deere Buggy was up with its fire breathing 755hp motor. Richie Keith stabbed the gas and went off course at the top. Much to the delight of the crowd he decided to reverse back down the hill and put on a show. He flew up the hill and sailed over the jump getting the most air of the day. Wes Kean had once again borrowed a rig for the race. This time it was his brother’s turbo 351 powered single seater. It was sluggish off the line but once the turbo spooled up you better watch out! Wes ended up pulling a 180 half way up the course. Without a second thought he slammed it into reverse and crossed the finish line putting on some of the most impressive driving of the day. Many others had some quick times throughout the day but it was Jordan Tanner who took the win and the $1000 cash. Until next time Keep those pedals floored and we will see you at the next one! Be sure to check out all of our videos over at RockBouncer.com!

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