Matt Myrick - Owner at Busted Knuckle Films

Matt Myrick – Owner at Busted Knuckle Films

Who is Busted Knuckle Films?

Busted Knuckle Films is an Extreme Motorsports Video and Apparel company based out of Cullman, Alabama. We are extreme motorsports enthusiasts that film all over for our action packed Films and Youtube Videos. Busted Knuckle is also the Go To apparel brand for hardcore offroaders all over the world.

How did we get started?

It all started when I bought my first video camera to video our off road trips. I wanted to be able to show people just why it is that we spend so much time and money wrenching on our rigs only to go out and thrash them, break them, fix them and do it all over again. It is all about you and your machine against the elements. The more we filmed and edited the videos the more people kept telling us that we should make DVDs and sell them. So we did just that.

Busted Knuckle Films is Born.

Busted Knuckle Films was born. We came up with the name because we are true gearheads who work hard on our rigs and bust our knuckles just to get them ready for our next outing. We stumbled upon the rock bouncing world and wanted to tell their story so the Rock Rods DVD Series was born. We don’t just film Rock Bouncing and Mega Trucks. We also cover everything from Ultra 4 Racing to Formula Offroad, Dirt Drag Racing to Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing and everything in between. Bringing new forms of Extreme Motorsports and telling their stories to viewers all over the world . That is what we love to do. Follow along with us on the Busted Knuckle Films Facebook Page.

Busted Knuckle Clothing

Being Off Road Enthusiasts ourselves we wanted to have a brand of apparel that we could wear to let everyone know that we loved to Wheel. We came up with the simple Fist and Wrench logo to do just that. The Busted Knuckle Films Clothing line grew fast and is now worn by Off Road Enthusiasts all over the world to show their love of the 4×4 Lifestyle. Get your hands on some great gear in the Busted Knuckle Online Store.

Family Run and a supporter of Local Businesses.

We are a Family Run Business. Everything from filming at events to shipping orders placed in our web store is done by members of our family and friends. Our apparel suppliers might as well be family. Our Hats are embroidered locally and our Shirts and Hoodies and printed just right down the road. We take great pride in keeping our customers happy. Feel free to contact us with any order problems at 931-384-8355

Our Following.

We have gained a massive following in the Motorsports World watching our videos 650 Million times. Our Facebook page has over 2.7 Million Followers that help us reach over 6 million people per week. We do on average 4 million views per month on Youtube with over 800,000 subscribers. For the younger generation we have 350,000 followers on Instagram and an ever growing Snapchat and TikTok presence. Our Blog posts on our website get a ton of monthly views as well. We can help your business reach our loyal fan base. Contact Us for more information.