Dirty Turtle Rock Racing – Extreme UTV Episode 3

Dirty Turtle Rock Racing – Extreme UTV Episode 3


On this trip, Busted Knuckle follows Southern Rock Racing Series to Dirty Turtle Off-Road Park in Bedford, Kentucky for some Dirty Turtle Rock Racing action.  The UTV Class is ready to put the hammer down at Round 2 of the series in hopes of gaining valuable points in the standings.  After Round 1 at Stoney Lonesome, Tim Cameron is in the lead, taking the win in a borrowed RZR!  Stacy Wilhoit, Josh Canon, Justin Pierpoint, and Austin Pruitt round out the top 5 in points.  The course at DTOR has some nice hill climbs.  Shortly after the start line, there is a short and STEEP hill-face at the bottom of a long climb.  It doesn’t look like much, but this is where most of the action goes down.  There are lots of rollovers and broken parts on this one section of the course, so keep an eye out!

Update on the Field

For this race, Stacy Wilhoit will be debuting his new RSC built buggy, “Instigator.”  This orange, turbo machine is wicked, pushing over 170hp!  Busted Knuckle’s own, Matt Myrick, is in for Round 2 and hopes to improve his position in the points.  Danny Smith is in the rental this time, as he and Justin Frasure both will be piloting “Violator” RZR Buggy.


The course at Dirty Turtle proves to be tough on a lot of racers.  Matt Myrick one-shot the ledge at the bottom and had a great run going, until he got to the top of the hill.  There was a, sort of, steep and muddy dip in the course.  After a couple of attempts, Matt broke a front axle, but still climbed the obstacle in three-wheel-drive.  After it’s all said and done, young Nick Martin takes the win in a 4 seater RZR Turbo!  The long-bed has a poor turning radius, but the extra wheelbase seems to have had the advantage on this course.  Rounding out the top 5 are Justin Pierpoint, Wes Brown, Justin Frasure, and Slade Martin.  Some great Dirty Turtle Rock Racing at this round, we can’t wait for Round 3 at Bikini Bottoms!

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