AOP 50K Bounty Hill – Rock Rods Episode 10

AOP 50K Bounty Hill – Rock Rods Episode 10


Here we are, the AOP 50k Bounty Hill featuring the largest Payout in Rock Bouncer history!  $50,000 is up for grabs!  Adventure Off-Road Park (AOP) in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, is hosting this unprecedented event. There are 30 of the best Rock Bouncers in the world lining up to try their luck.  25 of the drivers were invited.  The last 5 driver in qualified through 2 qualifying hills held at an earlier date.  This $50k dollar Bounty will be awarded through a 3 hill series.  The winner of each hill will win $5,000.  The overall winner of the 3 hills will win the remaining $35,000.  So, if one driver wins all 3 hills, they could win $50,000!

Hill #1

This episode of Rock Rods covers Hill #1 of the 3 hill series.  This hill is NASTY, with a long, steep run of dirt up to a rock garden with some near-vertical faces.  It’s going to take a lot of horsepower, traction, and serious driver skill and patience to summit this hill.  Each run will be timed, and each driver has a time limit of 4 minutes.

Per the rules of the series, the FIRST person to climb the hill may attempt a second time, after the rest of the field has gone, in order to better their first time.  The reason for this rule is, the first driver to climb the hill “shows the line.”  In other words, once one person makes it, everyone else can copy their line up the hill.  If a driver chooses to make a second attempt, he must best the leaders time by 5 seconds in order to take the win.


After the dust settled, only 2 drivers out of 30 were able to climb Hill #1, Lil’ Tim Bacon in Rowdy and Jordan Gaddis in Noogastrong.  Lil’ Tim Bacon climbed the hill first with a time of 147.485.  Jordan Gaddis later made the climb with a time of 85.096.  The rest of the field was unsuccessful, but the crowd on hand got their money’s worth.  Tons of rollovers and roost-slinging action, every driver left it all on the table.  This was one ugly hill.

After the last driver made his pass, Lil’ Tim Bacon was given the option to better his first time.  He accepted, and laid down an EPIC pass on the hill, making the climb a SECOND time!  This was not without drama, Lil’ Tim walked the hill, but lost power mere feet from the finish timers.  Luckily, he got it fired back up just in time.  His new time, 76.782, just 7 seconds faster than Jordan, but enough for the win!  Pretty impressive that out of 30 of the best rock bouncers in the world, only 2 made the climb on Hill #1.  Even more impressively, Lil’ Tim Bacon climbed it TWICE!

Keep an eye out for Hill’s #2 and #3 of the AOP 50k Bounty Hill series!  Also, be sure to like and subscribe to Busted Knuckle on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (@the_bkfilms), and YouTube!  Tag us in your photos and videos!

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