Monster Truck takes on Disney Bounty Hill

Not your typical Monster Truck

You have probably seen a Monster Truck do all kinds of cool stunts. They can do backflips and even front flips all while getting huge air. But this time we are going to show you a Monster truck that is completely out of its element.

Disney, OK

We were in Disney, Oklahoma for the annual Big Meats Run event. It is held on some property that is basically a dry overflow area for the local lake. They have a bounty hill there that is pretty bad. Only a hand full of rock bouncers have ever made it out the top of this climb. We watched a few bouncer hit the hill and give their vehicles and absolute beatdown as they tried to claw their way up all of the loose rocks. After a few failed attempts they stopped to let their engines cool off and access the damages.

Redneck Monster Truck

This break is when Ryan Miller pulled up in his home built redneck monster truck on 5 ton axles. He decided to give the bounty hill a go with the massive 66 inch tall tires. Ryan hammered down and and the 8.1 Big Block chevy came to life as it propelled its way up the start of the hill. The motor and low geared planetary axles were no match for the steep hill and loose rocks. Ryan gave it a few good runs but just couldn’t get any wheel speed to make much progress.

Clear the Way

The good thing about the monster truck hitting the hill is that the large tires had thrown most of the loose rock back down to the bottom. This gave the rock bouncers a lot more traction. One after another they started climbing the hill. It still was not easy but some of the best built rigs conquered it this day. Thanks in part to the random monster truck that showed up to clear the way. This wasn’t the last hill he hit in the monster truck. Watch him give the world famous Viagra Hill a go in the video below. You can also find more monster truck videos on the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.


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