Rock Bouncers Return for Mountain Mud Run 2018

Rock Bouncers Return for Mountain Mud Run 2018

On Rock Rods Episode 59 we are heading back to Warren, New Hampshire for Mountain Mud Run 2018! That’s right, the Rock Bouncers are back. They plan to invade Mountain Mud Run Terrain park and show these northern guys how rock bouncing is done. The best part is I have another rental for this year. Joe Pierce aka the Maine Maniac is letting me drive his Rock Racing Rig. There are 4 hills total. Hill 1 is Rock Bouncers vs Everyone else. This gives the locals a chance to see if they can run with the big boys of rock bouncing. We even have a Mega Truck hitting the hill! Hill 2 is called Ringers Run and is another wild race course. Then we have two Bounty Hills for the guys to attempt. Mountain Mud Run Bounty Hill 1 is a hill they attempted last year and hill 2 is being saved for Sunday and might be one of the best hill climbs yet.

Well what did you think?

See who comes out the top with the fastest time in Warren NH and let us know what you think in the comments. I had a good run going before I lost a belt and had no steering going out the top. It was a ton of fun getting to race a buggy that had some really well built suspension. Too bad Joe tore it up later on in the day and now has to rebuild the entire front end of the chassis. But I guess that is racing and we cannot wait to come back next year with even more Rock Bouncers. My favorite part of the entire event this year was when they let the kids out of school to come check out the rigs. We know it made their day and the drivers loved it as well! See y’all next year!

Check out last year’s event at Mountain Mud Run in the video below. It has over 2.5 Million Views!

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Rock Bouncers Invade Mountain Mud Run

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