$10000 Bounty Hill From Hell

The Bounty Hill from Hell

Adventure Offroad Park in Tennessee is one of the fastest growing parks in the South. The owner Tom Pickett cut a hill and put one of the Largest Cash Bountys on it in the history of rock bouncing. That’s right, if you are the first to make it up this Bounty Hill from Hell you get $10,000 Cash. A bounty this big brought the biggest names and the baddest rock rods from all over to compete. The hill was a tough one. Starting from the bottom there is a steep climb to the first ledge that is a one shot kind of deal. There is no crawling it. Drivers have to find their line, hammer down on the throttle, and hope for the best. If you make it up the ledge there is a super loose climb out the top. This made for some awesome action. Bubba Bacon hit the hill hard backflipping his big block powered buggy landing with the rear end up a tree. Tim Cameron had just sold his Ultra Bouncer buggy but the new owner allowed him to hit the hill. The 1000 horsepower beast just wasn’t enough as he rolled his way back down to the bottom. Then Jamie Whitaker smoked the first ledge first try but found the remainder of the hill to be loose with little traction. Bobby Tanner did the same in his Screaming Blue bouncer but when he landed above the ledge he blew out his transfer case leaving him dead in the water. More Buggies crashed on this hill than any other hill we have ever filmed earning it the name Bounty Hill from Hell. There were some impressive rollovers and crashes and at the end of the day no one had climbed the Bounty Hill from Hell. The stakes go up to $25,000 next year. That is a ton of cash. Think anyone will climb it? Stay tuned as the action will be nothing short of Epic.

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Rock Bouncer Crashes Compilation 3

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