If you love the smell of high octane fuel and the sound of a straight headered small block Gray Rock ORV was the place to be this past weekend. The event is called June Jam. A better name would have been Throttle Fest because the best drivers in the game of hill climbing and rock bouncing were on hand and were showing their motors no mercy. We rolled in about 9:30 and unloaded the trail rig. We were met by what seemed like 30 of the nicest off road rigs money can buy. Soon the caravan of one off creations was on the move to our first obstacle of the day known as Tub Rock. This obstacle is always good for a show. Ethan Tanner even went up it in Reverse. After that we all loaded up and headed over to Bunny Slope 2. Don’t let the name fool you. This obstacle was no walk in the park. Tim Cameron even downed a tree across the trail just to make it that much more difficult. The wheel-standing rev limiter action was amazing. Nothing brings on an appetite like standing on the throttle so when the dust settled on Bunny Slope 2 it was time for some Lunch. Gray Rock has some good eating, the 20 minute wait in line for food was worth it. Once everyone’s tank was on full, we headed over to Loose Rock. To everyone’s surprise Bubba Bacon was cutting a new almost impossible line up and out of Loose Rock. He was the first one to make it and named it Bacon Hill. We watched many a rig attempt this climb. The Crazy Cajuns went for one heck of a ride when they barrel rolled down it in “Da Situation” buggy. After a few good rains this obstacle might be the new Cable Hill! The best part is that there is no room for a run at it. Drivers just have to back up to the wall, mash it, and enjoy the ride.  It was now later in the day and the carnage report was very low. We went straight to Cable Hill to remedy that situation. The full throttle beatdowns that ensued will blow you away. Carnage, Yard Sales, and All 4 tires in the air made for some insane action. Then just when we thought it couldn’t get any better the water truck backed up to the top of the hill and started dumping gallons of water down the obstacle. Only the best of the best can make it up cable when it is wet. Very few accomplished this task without breaking. Bryan Cole climbed the slippery slope like a pro. It was a great way to end the day. Another June Jam was behind us. I can’t wait for for the next event. Check out all of the insane action below. This is just a little taste of what will be on our DVD RockRods 2 due out in November!

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June Jam Throttle Fest Videos

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