Crawl Magazine has been putting out the best Off Road Magazine for years. The only problem is that they are based out of Washington State and rarely find their way to the Southeast. Ian from Extreme 4×4 changed all of this when he became one of three new owners of the magazine. With the help of Essentially Off Road in Murfreesboro, Tennesseee they put on the first ever CRAWL Southern Readers Ride. The ride took place at Mayhem Off Road Park in Mcminnville, Tennessee. We pulled into the park nestled back in the rolling hills around 9:00 am. Some of the baddest buggies the South has to offer were already lining up for the competition. These drivers had their game faces on with one thing on their mind. Becoming the Master of Mayhem and taking home the $1000 grand prize. Some 650 people had decided to join us for a smoldering hot day of hardcore wheeling.  Essentially Off Road aka EOR also had the brand new CRAWL Camaro Buggy there for its debut. This thing was a work of art and included a Turbo charged LS1 under the hood. The course was a tough one consisting of 75 yards of rocks and 2 nasty ledges that would take finesse and a ton of throttle to conquer. The competition was fierce. Parts were being pushed to the braking point and then some. Rollovers were common and so was the smell of smoking tires. After a nasty round of competition the John Deere Buggy driven by Richie Keith was on top. He actually rolled the buggy on the first ledge, but as soon as it landed back on all fours he was off again to make the fastest time of the round. Round two had its fair share of carnage as well. Tim Bacon was driving his son’s Purple Passion buggy and after some full throttle

attempts at the second ledge wound up on his lid. I guess Bubba shouldn’t have called and gave him a hard time about not driving it hard enough! Adam Woodlee

took the lead late in the race in his Ferrari skinned buggy. It came down to one racer Mark Statum in his Coleworx Eleanor Buggy. He let the LS3 scream as he shot his way up the course for the fastest time and took home the $1000 prize. Mark Statum is the 2011 Master of Mayhem. Check out some of the videos below. We had 3 cameras set up for this race and the footage will be included in our next Off Road DVD RockRods 2. The best thing about the entire event was that EOR and CRAWL helped raise thousands of dollars for the Medcamps of Lousiana, a FREE camp for children with disabilities. Way to go guys!


Top 4
1) Mark Statum- Coleworx Eleanor
2) Adam Woodlee – Red Ferrari Buggy
3) Richie Keith – John Deere Buggy
4) Randall Key- Blaze Buggy


Mark Statum in the Coleworx Eleanor Buggy

The John Deere Buggy rolls and keeps on trucking!

R.Key’s BLAZE Buggy

Wide Open Design’s Adam Woodlee Ferrari Buggy

Bling Buggy YARDSALE!

Busted Knuckle Carnage

Big Tim Bacon beats on his son’s Buggy!

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Master of Mayhem Competition Videos

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- Camera Guy/Editor/Gearhead

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  • Donald Martin

    I’m 52yrs. old and I think this is great.Building a 4×4 Blazer. locker in front and rear with 4.88 gears.Full manual 350 to go with my 11 to one,4 bolt main GM marine 350 engine. It’s going to be scary quick!!!I would like to see mud,sand and hill climb racing. Now that is where the real fun of the off-road experience lies.As I remember my fun I had back in the mid 70’s when this all started.I grew up in El Paso, Tx. Built my first 4×4.350hp.LT-1,srings and 32″armstrong tru-tracs.I do like the buggies I’m seeing. I think it’s time I build one with one of my engines in it.

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