vertical-ad-bkf-take-2There is an April weekend each year in Auburn Alabama where everything is a little too quiet around this college town. Where is everyone you might ask? They are at the Alpha Psi Rodeo. All the rowdy students have put on their cowboy boots and overalls and packed their coolers full with their favorite beverages and ice and have been taking part in one of the biggest field parties in the state since 8am. How did you miss it? No worries Busted Knuckle Films were there to catch all the action. The event is put on by Alpha Psi Fraternity and all proceeds go to Storybook Farms in Opelika and various mission trips going on within the vet school. Thousands of students attend each year. There is bull riding, bronc riding, tug-o-war, and many other festivities including live music featuring some great bands including Pat Green, Confederate Railroad and many more. Here are some Videos of the Shenanigans that took place at this event in 2010. We even saw Aubie the Auburn University Mascot ride a bull and don’t forget about the country girls that are always out in full force and will make your jaw drop. Check out the videos and we will see you out in the field next year.

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Alpha Psi Rodeo Videos

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