The largest barbie jeep race in history went down this past weekend in Auburn, Alabama during the 1st annual ECORS race at the Great American Park. People came from all over with their plastic chariots. If you are not familiar with barbie jeep racing, it is a fast growing sport that is taking over the Southeast. Grown men and kids a like find old power wheels vehicles and modify them for downhill racing head to head. Racing these toys turned race vehicles is a huge rush. The best part is they can usually be had for very cheap or even FREE. People have already started to modify their race vehicles with longer wheelbases, pneumatic tires, better seats and much more. The competitors are top notch, some even come dressed in full costume. Here is the video from the Auburn Barbie Jeep race where we had over 20 Racers making it our biggest race to date. For more videos visit the Busted Knuckle Youtube Page.

The race course wasn’t as steep as we were used to so we decided to make it a little more interesting. We added “pushers” to the race. One pusher per racer, they would push you down the hill as fast as possible while dodging other racers and pushers . This made for some great action as most of the pushers were ran over  or tripped and tumbled down the course. Good Ole Redneck Fun! We started out racing 8 wide. The first half of the racers to cross the finish line progressed to the next round. After 8 races a 15 year old on a stock barbie jeep was crowned the new champion. The previous champion Matt Myrick was put out of the race in the 3rd round when he wrecked another racer near the finish line. He said “If I ain’t gunna win I might as well put on a show!” We look forward to the next barbie jeep race. Keep up to date with everything Barbie Jeep Racing by becoming a Fan of Barbie Jeep Racing on Facebook.

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Barbie Jeep Racing in Auburn Alabama

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