We were on hand to film at the Badlands Off Road Park in Attica, Indiana for their big race of the year also known as UMC when we saw this crazy guy in a Polaris RZR trying to make the “Big Jump”. On his first attempt with his girlfriend sitting beside him he completely cased the jump. She decided to get out of the RZR so she could film him hitting it with a little more speed. This obstacle is not a that tough you just have to hit it with enough speed. The driver eventually found this out first hand when he didnt hit the right speed and just cased the jump with his rear tires. This sent the rear end of the RZR end over end. The driver who wasn’t wearing his seatbelt because ” it was clogged with mud” was thrown from the vehicle. While in the air his loosely fastened helmet came off leaving him unprotected. Much to our surprise he got up and walked away with only minor injuries. If you watch the video you can see where legs hooked the top of the roll cage which just layed him down in the sand. After he came out the RZR cart-wheeled another couple of times before coming to rest over 100 feet away! The RZR was totaled and had to be put on their trailer with a forklift. Check out the videos and subscribe to our youtube page for more great OFFROAD videos!

We would like to add that the accident was in no way the fault of anyone but the driver of the vehicle. This incident took place on an open area of the park and was not during any type of race. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.

Here is another look at the crash from farther away.

Watch it in Slowmo!


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Insane RZR Wreck Video – Driver Ejected

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  • Uncle Sam

    What an idiot. He deserved it, we also heard the guy is on probation and was violating his parole by being in Indiana, outside of his authorized area. Give whats left of his RZR to someone with a brain that will use it responsibly.

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