Wow when this place gets rain it is a whole different park. My second trip out to River Rock ORV in Milledgeville, Georgia was for the May Spring Crawl Event. It rained all day Friday but that didnt keep them from having a great turnout with rigs from all over the Southeast. I of course towed my tacoma from Auburn, Alabama which is only 3 hours or so away. I arrived early Saturday morning and noticed that my key for my trail rig was no where to be found. Lucky for me I had some backyard Toyota mechanics parked next to me and they proceeded to help me knock chunks out of my ignition until I could start it with a screwdriver! These guys had never met me before and they took an hour out of their wheeling time to help get me on the trail. This says something about our sport. The people are what truly makes four wheeling the great past time that it is. I camped with a great bunch of random folks from Georgia Trail Runners and the Georgia TTORA who were kind enough to let me hang out with them all weekend.

As for the wheeling action, the buggy guys made sure not to disappoint. The roll video above was a builder who was driving a customers buggy. I bet that was an interesting phone call the next day when he had to tell him that he rolled his buggy twice and busted the chassis! There were some great rolls and full throttle attempts at a few of the more hardcore trails of the park like Horsepower & Cabin Hill. There was even a Florida mud truck on huge tractor tires tooling around on the trails. We made sure we brought all this back with us on HD video. We even have a few in cab videos we shot with the GoPro. Make sure to double click on the videos and watch them in HD. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to BustedKnuckleVideo on YouTube where we will be posting all of our clips from the wheeling trips and events we cover.

Jason had just gotten his buggy back from Jimmy Smith and was just getting a feel for it riding around the park. Ofcourse when you got a nice clean buggy you know you are going to get crap from everyone on the trail if you arent trying the hard lines. I think all it took was a female walking over to Jason and telling him that she could probably drive it up horsepower hill that finally got him to give in.

The 1st of many rolls for the day.

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Spring Crawl at River Rock ORV Videos

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