The Busted Knuckle Films Crew headed out to one of the newer offroad parks in Alabama. Hawks Pride Mountain Off Road Park located in Tuscumbia, AL has 1000 stunning acres with more than 30 trails to choose from. They have something for everyone. They even allow ATVs. It was freezing cold and snowing (good thing I have a heater in the Tacoma) but we braved the cold and put our rigs to the test on some of the toughest trails the park had to offer. The trails were all marked clearly and rated 1-5. The park was nice and slick from previous rain making trails usually rated a 3-4 almost impossible without some full throttle assaults. I think everyone in our group broke something. Good thing we caught it all on tape for your viewing pleasure. The park had a nice large open parking and camping area with restrooms. The fees for the park are $15 per driver and $10 per passenger which is well worth it for a great day of wheeling. Even though the park was super slick from rain, we cant wait to go back. If you live in or around North Alabama you have got to check this park out. If you see the BKF crew running around, make sure you do something crazy for the camera & you might even end up on our next Offroad DVD.

BKF wheels Hawks Pride Mountain Off Road Park

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