Formula Offroad USA 2017 – Rock Rods Ep50

Formula Offroad USA 2017

On this episode of Rock Rods we are taking you to Bikini Bottoms Off Road Park in Dyersburg, Tennessee as Icelandic Formula Offroad Racing Returns to the USA. This is the second year for Formula Offroad USA. For 2017 they brought in a ton of drivers and vehicles from Formula Offroad Iceland. They stuffed 2-3 cars in shipping container and gave them a boat ride all the way here. Bikini Bottoms is one of the only places in the Country that has the right terrain to host this event. Boy did they ever put on one heck of a show. The loose sandy soil made the Icelanders feel like they were at home. Some of the hills were almost impossible which led to some wide open full throttle assaults and a ton of crashes.

Amazing Vehicles

It is amazing what some of these vehicles are capable of. One of our favorites was the Red and white car that has the Turbocharged Honda engine in it. It is a rowdy little thing and it’s light weight propelled it to the top of at least one hill that no one else in the field of drivers could climb. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 

Watch these Formula Offroad USA Cars hydroplane across a lake!

Formula Offroad Hydroplaning


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