Formula Offroad Crash Compilation

Formula Offroad Crash Compilation Volume 1

Formula Offroad has to be one of the most Extreme Off Road Motorsports in the World. This insane sport takes place in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland and is very similar to the sport of Rock Bouncing. It involves custom Four Wheel Drive vehicles equipped with big horsepower and paddle tires. The object of the sport is to make it through the gates on the side of a super steep hill. The one through the most gates at the end of the race wins. Some of these hills are loose gravel or dirt that are past vertical. These drivers just hammer the gas and hold on with No Fear! This makes for a great show with some spectacular crashes. We show you some of the best in this Formula Offroad Crash Compilation Video. Our favorite has to be the Doritoes car that cartwheels all the way to the bottom. Which crash is your Favorite?

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Rock Bouncer Crashes compilation


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