Rock Bouncing Cable Hill – Rock Rods Ep. 3

Rock Bouncing Cable Hill gets Wild.

On this episode of Rock Rods we take you to Gray Rock ORV Park in Mt. Olive, Alabama for the 2015 Southern Rock Racing Series Season Opener. Fifty of the Baddest Rock Bouncers on the planet are set to hit Bents & Dents. If the drivers are lucky enough to make it up that hill they get to run the infamous Cable Hill. Rock Bouncing Cable Hill is on everyone’s list with a buggy. It is the deciding factor of whether your buggy has what it takes to compete or if you need to scrap it and start over. For this race $3,000 is on the line for the fastest combined time up both hills and a chance to win $10,000 if you finish first place in the entire 2015 Series. This had drivers going all out. Many of them showed up with brand new buggies for the season. There were a few rollovers and breaks on Bent’s and dents but most vehicles made it up with ease. Then we went over to cable hill. It is a tall stepped hill made of solid rock and the guys had a water hose at the top trickling water down it to make things even more interested. This hill is cannot be crawled, especially when it is wet. Drivers have to start at the bottom and hit it wide open hoping the catch a good bounce and drive out the top. Check out the video to see who made it.

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Windrock Bounty Hill - Rock Rods episode 2

Windrock Bounty Hill – Rock Rods episode 2

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