RZR Crashes Compilation 3


All of these RZR crashes compilation videos really makes you not want a UTV. This time on RZR Crashes Compilation 3 we bring you some of the NASTIEST RZR Fails from the 2016 season of racing. This sport is growing exponentially, and the tracks and hills keep getting bigger and badder. As a result, the RZR crashes are getting more and more spectacular! Enjoy some of the best UTV crashes of the year! I sure would hate to be the person paying to fix all of these RZRs. The aftermarket companies are making a killing helping these folks try to bulletproof their UTVs. Even though all you do is move the weak link around the machine until you run into something that isn’t upgradable. 

How I keep my rig together

I have had my fair share of crashes in our new Show Off RZR buggy. So far so good, but it is a full tube RSC chassis. Built with some of the best parts in the industry. Our front diff is fully welded into a spool so it is always locked and pulling. We run Turner Axles because they are simply the strongest out there. I have cut a tire or two but that is to be expected. The Moto Race Tires keep hooking and digging up the bounty hills thanks in part to some Tire Balls and KMC Beadlock wheels. A-Arms and Ball joints are a non issue thanks to some custom Gilbert Designs Heim A-Arms. An RCV prop shaft keeps all the tires spinning all the time. This is crucial as the 2016 Polaris RZR Turbo engine has been hopped up with a mess of parts from Evolution Powersports. PRP harnesses hold me securely into place so I can grip the Busted Knuckle Off Road weld in steering wheel kit. When I do need to hit reverse the Gear Grabber shifter makes it easy so I can save those rollovers. 

For more info on the build head over to the Extreme UTV Facebook Page.

Watch more Crazy UTV Crashes in our first compilation video.

rzr crashes

RZR crash compilation

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