Dirty Turtle Birthday Bash – Extreme UTV Ep 5

Dirty Turtle Birthday Bash – Extreme UTV Episode 5

DTOR Birthday Bash

Dirty Turtle Off Road Park is located in Bedford, Kentucky.  This is the 7th annual Dirty Turtle Birthday Bash event, featuring racing events from rock bouncers and UTVs.  This year, the park has put $2500 on the line for a UTV Bounty Hill.  The fastest driver to the top will take home all the cash!

$2500 UTV Bounty Hill

The guys at Dirty Turtle have laid out a nice race course for the UTV drivers.  Starting at the top of a hill and racing down a trail to the bottom, the drivers will make a sharp u-turn and race back up a hill section with some ledges and log crossings.  The course is relatively easy, so the times will be fast.  The key here will be making the u-turn at the bottom without too much backing up, and keeping the tires down to put power to the ground.  Several RZR buggies are here to throw down, and some full-bodied RZRs as well, so the action is going to be great!


On the final run of the day, Steve Mann takes the win in his RZR buggy “Live Action”.  His run of 41.895s was the fastest, and awards him $2500 cash!  Justin Frasure takes 2nd in his buggy “Violator” with a time of 42.307s.  And Chris Amburgey finishes 3rd with a 45.590s.  These three guys smoked the competition, beating 4th place by over 10 seconds!  Talk about ON THE GAS!  Congratulations to all the drivers that competed and thanks to DTOR for hosting such a great event!


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