Bobby Tanner Insane Climb

Bobby Tanner vs. Viagra

If you know anything about the rock bouncing world then you have most certainly heard of Bobby Tanner. Bobby Tanner pilots the World Famous 434 small block powered Screaming Blue Buggy. It has been called one of the toughest rock rods on the planet after surviving the brutal beatdowns thanks to his Right Foot. His most watched video comes from Disney, Oklahoma where he decided to attempt the left side of Viagra Hill. This was the first time Rock Bouncers had shown up at the Big Meats Run which takes place every year in the tiny town of Disney, Oklahoma. While many rigs have made it up Viagra, No one had ever been crazy enough to attempt the left side. Onlookers cleared the crowd as Bobby lined up in the pool of water at the bottom of this insane climb. He hammered on the gas and shot up to the top but the water covered tires lost traction as he slid back down to the bottom. He gave it one more wide open attempt this time scooting around the crest of the hill and out the top. The crowd went nuts! The Video was uploaded that evening and instantly went Viral. It now has over 6 million views making it his most watched video of all time.

For more Videos of Mr. Tanner driving Screaming Blue Check out the Bobby Tanner Playlist on the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.

Here is a Compilation of Bobby Tanner and Screaming Blue Videos.

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