Southern Rock Racing Series Race 1

We have been waiting what seems like for ever to see the season opener of the Southern Rock Racing Series. I mean with 20 of the best southern rock bouncer drivers in the sport fighting it out for supreme bragging rights and cold hard cash, what could be better? Choccolocco ORV in Jacksonville, AL was chosen as the first stop of the 2012 SRRS schedule. We arrived around 930am and the drivers were already lined up and ready to roll. After a short drivers meeting we were on our way to the first of three hills.

Backside is the name of the hill chosen first. It was a fairly steep trail about 300′ in length featuring 6ft embankments on either side. These embankments allowed for some full throttle attempts with no worries of going off course. Bobby Tanner started the show and set the pace with the days fastest time. Adam Adair destroyed a 9inch ring gear in his mini monster buggy. The Overtime Buggy ended up catching on fire after blowing a steering hose half way up the course. After a tough first obstacle Bobby Tanner and his Coleworx Screaming Blue buggy was in first followed closely by Peter Basler and Wes Kean.

The infamous Boat Ramp Trail was chose as the second obstacle of the race. This slick rock face gave a lot of the competitors a hard time. Randall Key took a bad bounce and nailed a tree with his back left tire spinning him around at the top. The crowd was amazed that he didn’t rip the entire tire and wheel off! Bobby Tanner hit Boat Ramp wide open and didn’t let off until he was at the top with the fastest time of the day followed by Peter Basler and Darryl Jones in his Superman Samurai.

The last and final trail of the race was named Pick Your Poison. It was a wicked steap loose dirt trail with a nice ledge about half way up. Once the competitors made it past the first ledge they had to decide to finish the easy way or take the bonus line for 10 extra points. Drivers relentlessly beat on the first ledge with no success. Tire smoke and rocks filled the air. Only 3 competitors made it up the trail. Adam Lee put on a show as he mashed the gas which resulted in him back flipping and barrel rolling down the hill in his EOR buggy. Darryl Jones ran out of time while winching but still did the bonus line to claim the $350 bounty. LC winched and finished with little time to spare. Peter Basler was sitting in 2nd place and the only way he could win was completing the course within the time limit since Bobby Tanner had already broke on the 1st ledge. He and his Co-Driver Adam Adair who had dropped out of the race after Backside put on a winching clinic as they pulled the heavy rig up the ledge and finished with the fastest time of the day sealing their victory. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL THE VIDEOS OVER AT ROCKBOUNCER.COM!

Here is the standings after Race 1

  1. Peter Basler

  2. Bobby Tanner

  3. Darryl Jones & LC tie

  4. Wes Kean

  5. Jordan Tanner & Travis Lovett tie

  6. Adam Lee

  7. Rodney Payton

  8. Lori Shirley

  9. Shleby Tanner

  10. Nathan Lambert

  11. Richie Keith

  12. Randall Key

  13. Brent Mewbourn

  14. Bree Molitor & Adam Adair tie



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