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We jumped at the chance to head down to Louisiana for the Mud Truck Madness event. We got away from rock crawling for the weekend just to see what the mud trucks in Louisiana had to offer and they did not dissapoint. We arrived early friday and got the cameras rolling. The first part of the day was designated to free play in the mud pit. The mud pit was this huge field with varying depth of mud holes and water. We saw everything from stock Z71s to a Limo on tractor tires tearing it up out in the mud. The real show started when the Mega Truck Bad boys hit the hill and hole course. The course was made up of a figure 8 of multiple jumps and mud in between them. A Mega truck is basically a smaller lighter weight monster truck. They have enough horsepower to hydroplane across the top of mud holes. Opielicious started the race and made a insanely quick run. Then everyone gasped as one of the trucks jumps the second jump a little to big and ended up endoing onto his lid. The had to dig him out of the truck with an excavator. The rest of the mega truck bad boys put on a great show and even hit the bounty hole. They all made the bounty hole look easy as they skipped across the top of it. The night went on with a live band and plenty of great food vendors. We grabbed 3 pounds of crawfish and listened to some music before calling it a day.

Saturday was the big race day. The race course included one long mud pit run and 2 dirt
drag racing lanes. The Mega Truck Bad Boys started off the day with some fast runs through the mud pit. The crowd went wild for these guys. We watched tons of different classes battle it out in the mud hole as well as on the dirt drag racing lanes. One of which was a 3800 horsepower 4wd top fuel dragster called Killa Gorilla. It has a twin turbo 672 big block and made a incredibly fast run on the dirt dragstrip. We took a break for a little while and road around in a stretch Hummer H2 monster truck for a while to see the sights. Once back at the mud pit we watched one racer ride a wheelie down the mud pit only to hit the brake and do a slap wheelie to finish it off! It was the most incredible thing Ive ever seen in the mud. The races went late into the night as a live band played in the distance. I never thought a mud event could be so much fun. We definetly want to make it to a few more this year. Check out all of the insane videos we got over at

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