1600 Horsepower 4WD Rat Rod

American Outlaw the 4WD Rat Rod.

We made the trip down to Mud Truck Madness in Louisiana for the Mud Racing Association event. There were some sick trucks going for the prize money. One that caught our eye was the 1600 horsepower (Four Wheel Drive) 4WD Rat Rod called the American Outlaw. Greg Booker had his Badass truck in the MRA Outlaw Prostock Division and man was it powerful. The Truck looks mean with its old school cab and bed on a fully custom built tube chassis that fits a set of cut 44 boggers on the rear and some smaller tires up front for that hotrod look. He pulled up to the line with the nasty Nitrous Injected Motor hitting a lick. As soon as the Green Light hit he was off down the track with both front tires completely off the ground. The torque of this monster is insane! We couldn’t believe that the little Dana 30 front axle could hold up to all the power. It was a non issue since it never touched the ground. The Beefy Custom Built Rear Axle took all of the abuse. Now I just need to talk one of these guys into letting me drive.

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