Killa Gorilla the 3800 Horsepower Dirt Dragster

Killa Gorilla Blasts the Track

We have seen some high horsepower vehicles hit the dirt drags before but never anything quite like the Dirt Dragster we found at a Mud Truck Madness in Louisiana. The Killa Gorilla is it’s name and making ridiculous amounts of horsepower is its game. It is powered by a Pro Mod Twin Turbo Ford 673 cubic inch Big Block. It is a four wheel drive Drag Rail and is driven by Eric Brock. The twin 94mm turbos help put out a ground pounding 3800 Horsepower. Watch this beast run a 200ft dirt strip in under 2.5 seconds. That is straight hauling some butt in the dirt. The crazy part about the Killa Gorilla is that it runs a Dana 30 front end. I guess it can’t break any parts when it is in the air most of the way down the track. Check out the video to take a closer look at this beast of a dirt dragster. I wonder how Killa Gorilla would do on the drag strip with some big slicks.

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Mud Drag Racing Outlaws

Mud Drag Racing Outlaws



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