ATV Sand Drags – Newtown Dragway

ATV Sand Drags at Newtown Raceway

I have some some quick ATVs but none of them were even close to the 3 cyclinder 2 stroke powered beats that show up to race at Newtown Dragway. These Extreme Unlimited Sand Drag ATVs sling some sand and Haul butt down the Newtown, Virginia track. They slings roosts of sand way up into the air as they blast down the track. We can only imagine what it takes to hold on to one of these mean machines as their paddle tires claw for traction. Imagine if they were on asphalt with some slicks.

Watch more ATV Sand Drags on the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.

These crazy riders scream down the track on 2 wheels.

Dirt Drag Bikes Wide Open Throttle 3

Dirt Drag Bikes Wide Open Throttle 3

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