Mud Outlaws Wide Open Throttle

Mud Outlaws Assault the Pit

We have seen some crazy vehicles in our numerous years of filming motorsports, but nothing is as insane as these Mud Outlaws Bog Trucks. Many of them are pushing well over 2,000 Horsepower down to a set of cut boggers or paddle tires that send mud into orbit every time they leave the starting line. We caught up with these crazy drivers at Mud Truck Madness in Louisiana. These trucks pull off into a 2-3 foot deep mud hole with a pro tree light set on go. As soon as the light hits green they hit the gas and are out on top of the mud instantly. They go wide open throttle for 200 feet of soupy mud only letting off the gas to try to keep between the guard rails. You know they are making some serious Horsepower to get the front tires off the ground while hydroplaning across a mud hole! We saw a little bit of everything at this event. The Blown Satisfaction truck blew the blower plum off the top of his motor during his first pass and the Purple Monkey Truck had a huge Nitrous backfire during it’s run. We even had one truck the Junk Yard Dog end of on his side half way down the track. Even though we came back with mud all over us and our cameras we can’t get enough of these Mud Outlaws.

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More Mud Outlaw Action from Mud Truck Madness.


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