Mega Trucks Gone Wild 3

Mega Trucks Gone Wild at WGMP

We know there is always going to be some great action when Mega Trucks Gone Wild Invades West Georgia Mud Park in Tallapoosa, Georgia. These High Horsepower Mega Mud Trucks hit the Obstacle Course and get huge air. The new Whitten Mega Truck rolled in the first corner of the course before he even got to the jumps. Joey Adams did some insane horsepower wheelies in his Head Rush Mega Truck during freestyle. Air Mundy and the rest of the gang hit the Hill and Hole Course Wide Open with some impressive jumps. The new Intruder 2.0 Mega Truck even made an appearance and threw down some impressive runs. The Louisianimal Mega Truck driven by Shawn P. Goodeaux makes a ton of power and showed out for the crowd. Ryan Camp crashed his Something Sick Mega Truck on the final jump of the course. Drivers tested their horsepower with some side by side drag races through the mud pit lanes. The drivers ended the day with some huge air off of the world famous Dam Jump. There was even some Mega Truck Tug of War Action that went down on the Tug Pad after dark.

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