Mega Trucks Gone Wild 4

Trucks Gone Wild at Vermonster

Mega Trucks Gone Wild hits Vermonster 4×4 in Vermont for some wide open hill and hole racing action and freestyle. Some of the baddest mega mud trucks in the country came to show off with some big air and crazy carnage. Chris Foy went big in the Radioactive Mega Truck and nose dived, but somehow kept from crashing. Jimmy Rigged wasn’t so lucky as he lawn darted his Yeager Bomb Mega Truck off of the first jump landing upside down with parts scattered everywhere. The Mega Mudstang was showing out with some massive air and kept it together all weekend. We had some classic trucks like the sarge and mud patrol that showed out as well as some leaf spring trucks that put on a good show bouncing through the mud. A classic K10 gave it everything it had on leaf springs getting sick air. A Toyota 4runner came out of nowhere and pulled some nasty wheelies off of the starting line and through the hill and hole course. No mercy was also seen cutting loose and flying high.Blue Bayou Mega Truck made some impressive runs.

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