Mega Trucks Gone Wild 2

Mega Trucks Gone Wild at Iron Horse Mud Ranch

Some of the Baddest Mega Trucks around came down to Iron Horse Mud Ranch in Perry, Florida to put on a show. These drivers were competiting in a Trucks Gone Wild freestyle competition. The guys at Iron Horse have built on heck of a course with some massive jumps. They had mud pits and water for the bog trucks and massive jumps for the mega trucks making for a great show. Grant Charlick got some massive air in his Second 2 None Mega Truck off many of the jumps and wound up on his side after some wicked cyclones. Jimmy Rigged destroyed everything on the course in his Yeagerbomb mega truck flying through the air and hitting jumps backwards. Singer Slinger himself put on a great show in his Bog Truck while Twitty threw down some awesome wheelies in his Liva Killa Blazer. Scott Green in the Sail Mega Truck took the win with a crazy display of driving skill ending his run with his truck parked on its tailgate in the middle of the course after destroying the IHMR sign.

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