Redneck Car Jump Gone Wrong

Redneck Car Jump Fail

It started out like a normal day of Mudding at Wheeling in the Country in Tennessee during a Trucks Gone Wild Event when some guys decided to hit the pond jump in a Cadillac! We love to see cars get hucked off massive dirt jumps but this redneck car jump went real bad fast. It started when the Driver and Co-driver (that’s right someone road shotgun for this redneck car jump stunt) did not properly weight the trunk of the car. This left all of the weight towards the front of the car because of the engine. A huge crowd gathered to cheer the two crazy stuntmen on as they took some practice runs up to the edge of the ramp. This was it. It was go time. The driver backed up as far as he could then let the v8 in the Cadillac loose gaining good speed before launching into the air. Suddenly the car gets front heavy and lawn darts into the mud put coming to rest on its lid with the Driver and passenger trapped underwater. Luckily the crowd reacted quickly as people jumped in and rescued the driver. What they didn’t realize was that there was also a passenger. They rescued the passenger just in time before he drowned. The driver and passenger walked away unharmed but lucky to be alive. I bet they think twice before attempting a stunt like this again.

For more Redneck Stunt Videos Check out the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.

It’s a Good Thing we Stick to Safe Stunts like Barbie Jeep Racing!



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