Tug of War Gone Wrong 2

When Tug of War Goes Bad

A Clean Classic Chevy K10 Truck goes up against a K5 Blazer in an all out Tug of War Match. The competition takes place at Cowboys Orlando Tug of War Competition during the Trucks Gone Wild Event. It doesn’t take long to see that the K5 driver has the upper hand as the Blue Chevy Truck quickly gets pulled backwards. Having already lost the driver of the Blue Chevy decides to put on a show for the crowd and he got more than he bargained for. He revs up the v8 engine and drops the clutch numerous times smoking all four tires as the Heavy K5 just holds firm on the brakes. Over and Over he hits the Rev Limiter then the Clutch and the Rev Limiter Again until the motor just cannot take it any longer and BOOM! At first it seems as though the engine lets loose sending parts flying out of the oil pan and onto the ground sparking a fire and taking out the passenger front tire. But it is actually the clutch that blew apart sending shrapnel flying everywhere. Safety workers quickly extinguish the blaze and all that is left is a pissed off driver and a pile of broken parts. This is what happens when a truck is pushed to the limit one too many times.

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Watch this Tug of War Truck Get Torn in Half.


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