Jeep Grand Cherokee Insane Jump

Jeep Grand Cherokee Jump Goes Huge

One of my favorite events every year is North vs. South. It is a massive Mega Mud Truck event that takes place at Dennis Anderson’s park. You might recognize that name because he is the World famous driver of the Grave Digger monster truck. He also own’s a Muddy Motorsports Park. You might think I love this event for the Mega Trucks. The real reason I like to go is for the Tough Trucks.

What is a Tough Truck?

A Tough Truck is basically any four wheel drive vehicle that you are crazy enough to get behind the wheel of and destroy. They range from Jeep Cherokees and pick up trucks to a Suzuki Samurai. They break out the glass, weld in a cage, and get ready to air them out. The crazy thing is they run an obstacle course made for mega trucks with these mostly stock vehicles. Some of the jumps are down right insane.

Go Big or Go Home

This time we are highlighting one of the biggest jumps of the day. This guy went all out on the obstacle course and hucked it huge off of the final jump. I am pretty sure this is the highest Jeep Grand Cherokee Jump on the internet. The jeep flew higher than even some of the Mega Trucks. It was all good until gravity kicked in and the ZJ started falling back to earth. The heavy motor caused the jeep to land on the front axle first breaking all kinds of stuff while it bucked back up into the air. The driver was ok and decided to get out of the vehicle and run down the track. I guess he was running off the pain

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