BleepinJeep and the $400 Grand Cherokee

BleepinJeep Stunt

AMERIACA! This is what happens when Pull a Part hooks BleepinJeep up with a Mint Condition V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis Edition for $400. When Matt called me up with the idea to do some stunts at Busted Knuckle Off Road park in Stevenson, AL in a cheap jeep I was all about it! The events that unfolded afterwards were nothing short of epic. I mean we do have a huge field for activities and a brand new short course race track.

Jeep Stress Test

First off we had to make laps around the track for time. I went first and put down a fast time. Well Ol BleepinJeep got competitive and his run did not go so well resulting in a busted radiator and two deployed air bags. Since the jeep wouldn’t hold coolant anymore we knew it was time for the final of all the jeep stunts. Not only did we test out the v8 grand cherokee 0-60, but we also saw how strong the motor mounts were. Do you think they can get it back up and running for some serious short course racing? I think we should get a few more of these cheap jeeps and battle it out on the track. Check out the video and let us know what you think we should do next.

For those of you that want to know why we destroyed this Jeep, well it was not ours to begin with and not able to be resold. Matt dropped off what was left of it to the Knoxville Pull a Part on his way home. So if you are looking for any nice parts this rig is sitting there waiting to be picked.

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Watch Jason from Engineering Explained go over the stunt math.

Check out more stunts in the video below. 

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