2000 HP Farm Jeep makes it look easy.

Kenny Miller owns one of the Baddest Mega Mud Jeeps on the planet with its massive 64″ tires and 2000hp blown engine sending mud into orbit. Watch Farm Jeep Mega Mud Truck at 8000lbs blast a pond at with its hybrid 5 ton axles. The 2000 Horsepower Farm Jeep always put on a show for the crowd attracting people from all over to come watch his antics. This time we caught up with it at West Georgia Mud Park where Kenny decided he wanted to see if he could make it across the infamous West GA pond. He lined up the Jeep with its menacing 64″ Rice and Cane tires and let the blown big block eat as he shot mud into the atmosphere with one violent take off. He easily skims across the pond and out there other side. You just have to love the sounds of a blower motor! Kenny wasn’t done yet. He lined the Farm Jeep back up to make another pass this time the other direction. He eased further into the pit this time. When he stomped the gas the tires just dug a huge hole and he was immediately stuck. After a quick tug from a Trackhoe he was free and ready to ride again. For more videos of the world famous Farm Jeep subscribe to the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.

Check out the Walkaround video below to get a closer look at this Beast of a Mega Jeep.



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