Mud Hole from Hell – Vermonster

Mud Hole from Hell

This Mud Hole from Hell is Bad. There are some bad mud holes, but the Trench at Vermonster 4×4 in Vermont has to be one of the Nastiest Mud Holes we have seen. We watched a ton of Mega Mud Trucks hit the Hole with everything they had to no avail. The Trench consists of a number of holes each separated by a jump. Each hole gets worse as you go through the course. Many trucks were hitting the first few holes with tons of momentum and getting good air all in an effort to make it out the end without getting stuck. Other trucks Barreled off into the first hole and sank straight to the bottom. Truck after truck was buried in this thick mud with only one vehicle making it out the end. The Mechanical Bull Jeep made one heck of a pass and clawed it’s way out the end conquering this one of a kind Mud Hole from Hell.

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For more Mega Truck Going Deep check out the video below.

Mega Mud Trucks Going Deep

Mega Mud Trucks Going Deep

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