Iron Horse Mud Ranch Trucks Gone Wild 2016

Trucks Gone Wild – Iron Horse Mud Ranch

Mega Mud Trucks came from all over to show out at the Trucks Gone Wild 2016 Dysfunctional Family Reunion event at Iron Horse Mud Ranch in Perry, Florida. We start the video driving through the parking area and checking out some of the crazy mud trucks on hand before heading over to the mud pits. A truck had caught on fire and was engulfed in flames. A Diesel Mud truck hooked to it and pulled it out into the middle of a deep spot in the pit where other trucks did fast passes by it in order to splash out the fire with a wave of water. After a few attempts the fire was out leaving the truck salvageable. There was tons of action going on in the pits with a record number of Mud trucks rolling coal and slinging mud all throughout the day. Next we went over to the freestyle course to catch some high flying mega truck action. There were rollovers, wheelies, and tons of chaos. Then we heading back over to the pits for more deep mud action. We ended the day with some wide open runs at the Iron Horse Mud Ranch Bounty Hole. Watch even more action over at the Busted Knuckle Youtube Channel.

Check out our latest Mega Trucks Gone Wild video for even more Insane Action.

mega trucks gone wild 4

mega trucks gone wild 4



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