Mega Trucks Gone Wild

Mega Trucks Get Wild at the 2014 4x4Cross Throttle King Finale

The 4x4Cross Throttle King Finale always features some of the Baddest Mega Trucks in the Country. For 2014 the final race took place at Twitty’s Mud Bog in Ulmer, South Carolina. 4x4Cross Throttle King Events consist of 3 events. These Include a Tug of War contest where trucks are pitted against each other in an all out grudge match, A tire tow competition to test the acceleration of these muddy monsters, and a Hill & Hole course for them to air it out. The Air was Huge and the carnage was Epic. Check out the Videos from the event.

Check out more videos on the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.

The Tire Tow Competition

Mega Trucks Gone Wild

Mega Trucks Gone Wild at 4x4cross Throttle King Finale

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