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Nothing gets your adrenaline going like watching some Mud Trucks fly through the air. We made the trip over to West Georgia Mud Park just across the state line on I-20 for some fun in the mud. The park is huge and has plenty of room for everyone to play. They even have a slip n slide if you get too hot out in the mud.

We made the trip to check out the new Hammerhead 2.0 truck built by All Out Performance. They basically cut a ton of weight off of the old truck and reused most of the parts. The result is one bad mega truck that is light weight and flys like a champ. He hit the hill and hole course wide open and ended up off in the pond. All that power has got to be hard to control. The Big Buck$ truck put on a clinic as he blasted through the course with the fastest time of the day. Also on hand were the Mud Pro and Dirt Pro Mega Trucks as well as Bone Collector and Air Mundy.

Air Mundy gets his name by the rediculous air time he gets in his classis chevy mud truck. His shocks aka “landing gear” take a ton of abuse. He hit the WGMP Pond jump wide open more than a few times to wow the crowd. The shock load of the sudden stop when he hit the water would stop the motor but he was crank it right back up and motor out of the pond for another go.

After the sun went down the mega trucks lined up side by side for an all out mud drag race complete with a drag strip style tree and everything. Hammerhead 2.0 proved to be the fastest of the bunch as he knocked off Mud Pro and Big Buck$ but had to forfit his last race due to clogging the intake with mud. We finally got the hear the Bone Collector truck open up its nasty motor as he raced down the track and Dirt Pro hit it wide open as well.

All in All it was a great event with a ton of great trucks and drivers. We can’t wait to make the trip back in September for the big 3 Day event! Some of the trucks will be at Mudders Park near Phenix City, Alabama and we plan on being there to catch the action.

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