This past weekend we made the trip up to Northern Kentucky for the Racing on Turtle Dirt Event which was held at the Gallatin Co Fairgrounds. The action that took place Saturday was something for the record books. Justin Frasure and team laid out a mean course which claimed a rig or two and created roll overs for both the seasoned and non seasoned drivers. The crowd was absolutely thrilled with the action. There were vehicles of all makes reprsenting. There were Rail buggies, UTVs, Stock Class, Modified, and Unlimited classes battling it out for the win. There were two courses, a speed track and an obstacle course. The SXS and Rail class only did the speed course.

The Rail Buggies started off the show with their volkswagon motors screaming down the
course. The wheelied up the rolling stair steps at the midway point of the course and sailed over the downed tree just before climbing up the final hill and crossing the finish line. One driver got a little too happy with the throttle and launched over the tree onto the nose of his rail ripping out his throttle cable. Other than that everyone made some fast runs on the speed course.

The UTV class featured some nice rides including three Artic Cat Wildcats. Though the winner of the class was Josh Chapman of Havoc Racing in his one month old RZR XP 900. This kid can flat out drive! He was consistently beating his own lap times. A Wildcat got squirly coming through the finish line and ended up on its lid and a RZR S flopped over on its die. Other than that everyone made clean runs.

The stock class was amazing. There is just something electrifying about watching a stock vehicle get the crap beat out of it by a relentless driver. Stephen Stosberg actually took 1st and 2nd place! He brought 2 vehicles to race and drove the wheels off of both of them only to beat himself.

The modified class was just as intense. The Madman “Chico” Terry was running on Pure adrenaline as he dominated the modified class in his turbo charged toyota truck. He had to get up to 60mph on the speed course. The little toyota motor was screaming! He showed everyone there that Northern Kentucky is TOYOTA Country as he took home the win beating every Jeep, Isuzu, and any other vehicle that raced around the course.

The Unlimited Class was made up of 15 full on tube buggies and Ultra 4 race rigs. First
Run a new Jimmy Smith Built rig with 383 stroker ENDOED on the first 6 foot drop to start the night off right as everyone got a peak at the underside of his rig. The DTOR buggy had a good rollover on the stairs. Then Scooby put on a clinic as he made save after save on the stairs of the speed course only to rollover and lose a tire. He swapped it out and came back with a vengeance. He screamed through the course and launched over the finish line with such speed that he went into some crazy monster truck acrobatic move that sent him into a nose dive then back flip barrel roll. It was incredible! Rosco of Rosco Racin out of Fort Wayne IN took FIRST PLACE and $1500.00 bucks back to the hoosier state. Second place of $700.00 went to John Sweet. Third Place went to Sean Rose.

Overall it was a great night at a new location. Dirty Turtle knows how to put on a great event and we can’t wait to go back and check out the park. We made some great friends and saw some incredible displays of well built vehicles getting pushed to their limits. We say fairwell to Kentucky as we head home. See you at the next one! Big thanks to the guys over at Mason Jar Media for the photos. BE SURE TO HEAD OVER TO for the videos!

Racing On Turtle Dirt

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