The Folks over the Gorilla Run cut a brand new boounty hill for the event that was almost completely vertical in spots. No one was allowed on it until it was showtime. The few fearless drivers drew numbers for position. A smile ran across Tim Cameron’s face as he drew the first running position with Wes Kean right behind him. The crowd went nuts as companies and spectators added to the money pot. CSC Fab even through in a custom built Chassis to the guy who climbed the rediculous hill. The pot ended up somewhere around Nine Thousand Dollars in cash and prizes. One kid even donated $21.00 of his allowance towards the winner. It was pure mayhem as Tim Cameron lined up his Hill Killing buggy at the base of the hill. After a few test runs to get his line he nailed the throttle and launched high in the air above the near vertical rock face of the climb. He landed and backed down to give it another go. This time he hammered down and let out just at the right moment to get less air and as soon as he landed he was back in the gas working the rear steer back and forth top propel him to the top. The crowd went absolutely nuts! Tim Cameron had conquered the superlift bounty hill on his second attempt! Many more buggies tried the nasty hill. Ethan Tanner had the hill beat when his motor acted up. It died at the top and without brakes he flew back off the hill only to hit a tree and completely rip the front axle out from under his buggy. Bobby Tanner gave it a few good attempts as did Jordan. A toyota buggy even gave it his all. The action went on into the dark hours of night as every went back to camp to enjoy dinner and a live band. What a Great Event. Be sure to check out all of the videos below!

Showtime Bounty Hill – Superlift ORV

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