Silver Lake Sand Dunes with Dune TV

Long Travel Sand Cars invade Silver Lake Sand Dunes
Anything that goes fast and has a loud motor gets my adrenaline flowing. I had no idea how wild the long travel sand rails are that play at the dunes. Some of them have blown LS engines with 800 plus horsepower. We got the chance to head up to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan for the Long Travle Round up hosted by DuneTV to check some of them out.
We made the long 14 hour drive North up to Michigan. The road trip was painfully long but I forgot all about it as soon as I took a ride in my first long travel sand rail. We took off hauling through the dunes at silver lake with the suspension soaking up every bump. We took off over the top of test hill and soared 20 feet in the air only to land nice and plush followed by a nice stab of the gas and into a wheelie. This things are insane and I was hooked! Now if I could just find a spare 40 grand laying around so I could buy one of my own…. There were over 70 of these things on the dunes. That is a multi million dollar car show going on! The dunes bring out some very unique vehicles. We saw the worlds tallest monster truck
(the body was attached to a scissor lift). We also saw the “clampet mobile” which was an old ford ranger with the body all gone, cage welded on top, and 3 seats for the bravest of dune goers. We watched these guys sail their budget dune raider off of the dunes time and time again all the while smiling. We also saw the nasty Bad Company Drag Jeep with some serious paddle tires. His blown dart small block 427 allowed him to wheelie at will and he put on a show mutliple times before he left. The Dune Tv guys got the sand rail guys airing it out on a natural jump. The huckfest lastest for hours and included everythinf from Sand Rails to a Jeep Grand Cherokee. They were going huge! It was nothing for one to sail 30′ over our heads land and wheelie down the lake bed.
The best part of the whole trip was the rental RZR XP equipped with paddle tires that I got to drive around for the weekend. I had a hard time taking any pictures or video because I just wanted to haul butt around the dunes and sling some sand. All in All it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back. Next time I think I will fly though….. Check out the Videos below and more on the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.

Millions of Dollars worth of Long Travel Sand Cars

Long Travel Tahoe


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