Mud Trucking Like a Boss

Mud Trucking LIKE A BOSS

The RIP Mud Truck is actually a Chevy K5 blazer without the top. The driver of this mud slinging chevy was not afraid to gas it. He was tearing up the track right before his front tire and wheel started to come loose in the last turn. He got it straightened back up just before the whole tire and wheel came off going down the back stretch of the course. Matt never lifted he just stayed steady in the gas hitting a jump and sliding through the finish line with only 3 wheels remaining. The announcer and the crowd went nuts. That is how you finish a race mud trucking LIKE A BOSS. They call this King Slinging it as made famous by Dennis Anderson.

Check out the Busted Knuckle Video YouTube Channel for more Mud Truck Racing.

Dennis Anderson shows us how King Slinging it is done on 3 wheels.




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