Mega Truck Dam Jump Gone Wrong

Mega Truck Dam Jump Gone Bad

Russell Twitty is known for doing Wheelies in his monster K5 Chevy Blazer but that doesn’t stop him from getting a little air under all the tires. This time the Wheelie King comes in hot to the Dam Jump in his Liva Killa K5 Blazer Mud Truck and launches it with the front end way up in the air. The Blazer lands hard on the back tires throwing him end over end until it comes to a violent stop upside down in the mud and water of the West Ga Mud Park pond. Both the driver and passenger were ok and got out fast. That’s right someone was crazy enough to ride shotgun with him for this stunt. This little mishap won’t stop Twitty from showing out for the crowd in the future. He will have the truck back going in no time. This is one Mega Truck Dam Jump we won’t soon forget.

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Mega Mud Truck Crashes Compilation

Mega Mud Truck Crashes Compilation

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