Redneck Tough Truck Racing – North vs South 2017

Redneck Tough Truck Racing at North vs. South

The Annual North vs. South mud bog event featuring tough truck racing is held at Dennis Anderson’s Muddy Motorsports park in North Carolina. This event is always action packed so we come back with tons of great footage. How can it not be when such an iconic monster truck driver is running the show. One of our favorite events to watch is the Redneck Tough Truck Racing. The competition consists of stock jeeps and trucks that the brave racers put to the test on a mega truck track. We see vehicles of all kinds from Kias to Jeep Grand Cherokees and everything in between. This event is often a favorite among the massive crowd this event attracts. 2017 brought out a slew of stock Jeeps and trucks ready to huck the big jumps of the mega truck course.

Epic Action

We saw a ton of epic action all day long but we will give you some of the highlights. a extended cab Z71 Silverado went big and basically got bent in half just behind the cab. A pair of dueling Samurais put on one awesome show. We even witnessed a Honda CRV front wheel drive take on the course to the crowds delight. Our sponsored ZJ driver sporting the Busted Knuckle Flag took the win. Check out all of the insane Tough Truck competition action from Damm Park North vs South. Just be forewarned that watching this video might just make you want to purchase a Tough Truck or Jeep Grand Cherokee and get to racing. Let us know who you think sent it the best in the comments below!

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Check out some more Tough Truck Racing videos below.

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