Plowboy 2 Insane Air Crash

Plowboy 2 Insane Air Crash

Richie Keith is known for going big and putting on a show in any of his stable of John Deere tractor themed rides. This time at Rush Off Road Park in Rush, Kentucky he handled the first race hill with ease. Then he decided to show out on the second Southern Rock Racing Series Race Hill. Richie was hard on the gas from the start with his Plowboy 2.0 buggy he hit the lip of the almost vertical 20′ hill with tons of momentum shooting him straight up into the air. He gets the biggest air we have ever seen from a rock bouncer ending in one violent roll all the way back to the bottom. This massive air will be hard to beat. He straight went into Orbit! Check out all the madness in the video above titles Plowboy 2 Insane Air Crash.

For more Plowboy video check out the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel.

Watch Plowboy and the Gang hit the Windrock Bounty Hill in this episode of Rock Rods.

Windrock Bounty Hill - Rock Rods episode 2

Windrock Bounty Hill – Rock Rods episode 2


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