Would you Ride with Bobby Tanner?

You have to be crazy to Ride with Bobby Tanner

You have seen the world famous rock bouncer aka the godfather of rock bouncing Bobby Tanner take some major abuse. He has to be one of the toughest drivers in the sport and so is his buggy. He drives the 434 small block powered buggy called Screamin Blue up some of the nastiest obstacles in the Country. We have seen a few people hop in and ride shotgun with him, myself included. It is a rush but sketchy at the same time. Well on our recent trip to Puerto Rico he got one more unsuspecting victim to climb in the passenger seat and oh did they go for a wild ride. I bet he won’t jump in there again to ride with Bobby Tanner.

The Ride of your life

The Rock Bouncer Show was almost over in Puerto Rico and the Rock Bouncing legend Bobby Tanner said he was done for the day. Well Waldy of Waldy’s Off Road, the event promoter asked him to go one more time for the crowd. Bobby said ok but on one condition. You have to ride with me in Screamin Blue! Waldy reluctantly agreed and on went the show. Bobby was not easy on him either. They went for the ride of his life. They started off with some full throttle passes around the track. Bobby then turned hard and rolled the buggy over almost as if he was doing it on purpose. When the tires landed back on the ground they were off again like nothing had happened. Watch closely on the in cab shot as Waldy almost crushes his fingers when he puts them on the cage to brace for impact.

It wasn’t over just yet as they headed towards the hill climbs. Bobby hit the ramp hard and launched Screaming Blue high into the air landing hard on the front end. This almost made them endo end over end but the buggy slapped hard back onto the back tires and off they went again. The crowd went nuts as their local legend just went for one of the most epic rides they had ever seen.

Watch the video and let us know if you would ride with Bobby Tanner. We wouldn’t and think only a crazy person would! Follow Busted Knuckle Films on Instagram for Live Coverage of events and more day to day Knucklehead Life. Watch more Bobby Tanner Beatdowns below!

Bobby Tanner Bounty Hill Beatdown


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