On this Episode of Rock Rods the Busted Knuckle Crew is heading to Rush Off-Road Park in Rush, Kentucky, for the Rush Anniversary Bash. This event is huge for Rock Bouncing

and is hosted by the Mega Truck Series.  This MTS event will showcase 3 different categories of racing, Mega Trucks (MTS), UTVs (Pro UTV Racing), and Rock Bouncers (Pro Rock Racing).  The Pro Rock Racing guys will be hitting 2 timed hills. There are no points awarded per hill, only seconds matter. The winner will be whoever has the FASTEST combined time over the 2 hills.

The Hills

The Rock Bouncers will be tackling Under Rated and Step-Up hills.  Under Rated has eroded away quite a bit since buggies started hitting it years ago.  Whats left is a steep dirt hill that rounds off at the top.  The drivers will have a pretty nice, flat run up to it, so the times will be quick and the air will be HUGE!  Step-Up is exactly how it sounds.  This is a straight shot up a fairly steep hill with 2 near-vertical “step-ups” on the way to the top.  Again, this course will be fast, and look out for some hang-time off the step-up jumps!  Also, keep an eye out for an interesting line that develops  on Step-Up hill.  Part of this game of racing is finding faster lines than everyone else.  Hey, anything is legal as long as you aren’t cutting the course!

Post Race

After the dust cleared, it was Jake Burkey in Riot Buggy that takes the cake. Jake had two BLAZING fast runs, beating second place by 1.36 seconds. It looked like his buggy was working very well on this terrain. Rounding out the top 5, we have Tim Cameron (Unfinished Business), Adam Ringer (Showgirl), Kyle Crouch (Bad Donkey), and Justin “Sluggo” Plybon (Sinister). Only 0.002 seconds separate 2nd and 3rd place. Yes you read that correctly, 2 thousandths of a second.  And only a 1.3 second margin between 2nd through 5th place.  Talk about some tight racing!  Congratulations to Jake and all the drivers that competed.

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